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Cryptocurrency is expanding and captures more and more areas of our life.

                 The Orbital Station Excelsior (OSEX) is an international community aimed to bring real benefits to the real world with the help of blockchain technologies, providing all possible assistance and giving hope where it no longer exists.

                 Our slogan - make the world better together! We do not focus on one blockchain, we use them all, using bridges, Web 3 applications, decentralized exchanges, related technologies and a financial system. We are not an official accountable government financial organization; the main mechanism of our smart contracts is the accumulation of funds, with their subsequent use for charitable needs and purposes around the whole world, as well as expanding the influence of our community on social networks and other Internet platforms. The 21st century is not only about discoveries and achievements in the IT field, but it is also the century of widespread use of these innovations. Blockchain technologies allow us to redirect money flows from one place to another without any intermediaries in the form of banks. The future belongs to electronic money, and Blockchain is the future!

                 OSEX aims to integrate the advantages of multiple chains to create a high-performance compound ecology. The special redistribution to all holders mechanism of smart-contract from every transaction provides participants with maximum profit. The transaction fee for OSEX includes an active burn mechanism that ensures that the token deflates, which means the price of the token increases over time.

                 The project was founded on November 07, 2021.

By buying the OSEX token, you accept all the technical mechanisms of the smart contract, the views and policies of the developers on the project.


Stage I

► Development of a smart contract that meets the requirements of functionality and security

► Smart contract testing on various blockchains

► Smart contract audit

► Creation of platforms for community formation (GitHub, Telegram chat+channel, Twitter account, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, Discord, Medium, Gitbook)

► Announcement of an honest, transparent presale

► Fundraising

► Applying for publication on block explorers (add data, logo)

Stage II

► Make an airdrop for users via Twitter

► Trading start on DEX (BSC)

► Complete token distribution from the presale (after 30 days after trading start)

► Make a logo and slogan community contest

► Make a vote among users (choice of the charity organization)

► Make a first charitable donation at 100k market capitalization or 1.000 holders

► Stage II will repeat (deploy contract, make presale, start tradings on DEX) with same smartcontract on Avalanche, Polygon (MATIC), HECO, Fantom, Moonbeam (Polkadot), Ethereum, Cronos, Oasis Network & other blockchains.

Stage III

► Community events and giveaways, other airdrops

► Meme and other creativity contests

► Aggressive marketing, finding and securing deals with partners and sponsors

► Expanding influence on social networks and media platforms (Facebook, TikTok, WeChat, Weibo, Bitcointalk.org, Altcointalk forum, etc.)

► Make charitable donations at every new 10.000 holders pursuant to the community vote

Stage IV

► Creation of NFT marketplace (all NFTs can be bought only for OSEX tokens)

► Merch store creation (when accumulated $50.000 on marketing wallet, we will purchase and set up the production of various merchandise and clothing with our logos which you can purchase only for OSEX tokens (50% of the money from the sales will be transferred to the charity)

► Publication on centralized exchanges (WhiteBIT, Bybit, Hotbit, LBank, XT exchange)

► Opening and running our private Lineage 2 and World of Warcraft games servers without donations, subscription, admins and rules (when accumulating $10.000 on marketing wallet, we will develop, setup and launch game servers. You can experience a real adventure by playing on our servers!)

► Make nodes of our brand in various PoS blockchains, with low commissions where you can keep your funds safe and receive high APY

► Make our own polychain DEX (we will grant bonuses for all OSEX token holders)

► Make our own blockchain with a payment system (crypto wallet) for fast and convenient payment anywhere around the world, storing your funds with the staking function (mobile and desktop apps)

► Launching a real satellite into Earth's orbit (It's a joke)

Stage V

► Management and control over all areas of our community and ecosystem, accumulation of funds, expansion of zones of influence, and worldwide use of the brand.

► Create our own official monetary fund for charitable activities

► Coming soon...


Presale details

There is 25 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 OSEX for presale

  • ► Total token supply - 1 septillion OSEX.

  • ► Tokens for presale - 25 sextillion OSEX.

  • ► Max allocation for one user is 1 sextillion OSEX.

  • ► We have a strict presale policy. All contributions are accepted in BNB (BEP20) currency only.

  • ► Presale price is fixed: 10 BNB (BEP20) for 1 sextillion OSEX.

  • ► Minimal contribution is 0.1 BNB (BEP20).

  • ► All tokens be purchased on the presale will be distributed to wallets of buyers after one month since the start of tradings on the PancakeSwap.

  • ► To make a purchase, each user needs to send his BNB (BEP20) to the marketing wallet address:

  • 0x777777BbEb2EdA9a1aaEE6d68CB177B9Aad3CBc4

  • Be sure that you are sending your BNB (BEP20) exactly to the marketing wallet address!

  • Since one month (30 days) after the start of trading you will receive your tokens to your address automatically (from which you transferred BNB). This mechanism was created to prevent negative price changes when trading starts.

  • 100% of the received BNB from presale will be added to the starting liquidity.

  • All unsold tokens will be spent on the following purposes: airdrops, contests, events, wages of temporary employees, advertising.

How to buy?


Simply visit trustwallet.com and download the application.
The app is secure and widely used in the DeFi market.
Remember to never share your seed phrase!


Go to DApps & click on PancakeSwap.


Purchase BNB or BSC (Binance Smart Chain) to fund your wallet.
Those coins are used in the Binance Smart Chain.


Go to DApps and Click PancakeSwap.
This is an exchange that allows users to Swap BNB with other DeFi tokens.
Click currency & enter the token address.

Contract Address :





                 We are a team of young crypto-enthusiasts full of strength and ideas; we are in crypto since 2017, we have some deep experience in crypto projects; we want to create and support a popular crypto community that will write its name in history.

Valdis Veiss

Project founder, Ukraine

Pavel Lodazyna

Technical director, Poland

Arktur Gadibullin

Marketing director, Latvia


Mascot, Earth's Orbit


                 More technical information is contained in this document. If you are interested in details, feel free to check this .pdf out.
OSEX is publishing this Whitepaper solely to receive feedback and comments from the public.

Does reading the documentation usually makes you bored?
You can enjoy a wonderful view of the Earth from orbit then.

Still got questions? Сontact us directly: